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Apples in the orchard.

Apple bloom.



The Orchard

The orchard is under construction. The trees that will grow there have been selected because they tell something about the history of fruit trees in the province of Västmanland.

Inspiration for this orchard comes from the village of Barkarö outside of Västerås. Many of the Barkarö farms and homesteads were too small to support a family. Therefore, orchards were created to supplement farm earnings and many fruit trees and berry bushes were planted. The crops were sold in the city square in Västerås.

The orchard contains apple and pear trees collected from abandoned homesteads in Lillhärad and Riddarhyttan parishes. They have been collected partly to save them and partly because it is the only way to determine their variety.

The orchard contains the Barkarö apple, which was developed by two men at the beginning of the 1900s. They took fruit from Barkarö to Västerås and sold it in the city square where a curious girl got them to name the variety.

There is also a ‘school tree’, from which a boy named Anders learned to graft when he went to school in the 1870s. He was allowed to take the successful experiment home and plant it there.

Gardening was a specified part of the curriculum as early as from the first educational regulations in 1842.

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