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The Crack Willow Tree

There is a long story behind the Crack Willow tree.

In the 1700s, a wandering labourer from the province of Dalarna came to Västerås looking for work. When his seasonal job ended, he started his journey back to Bjursås in Dalarna. To assist him on the way, he made a walking stick from a branch of a Crack Willow tree. When he got home, he stuck the stick into the ground where it rooted and became Bjursås’s first Willow tree.

Descendents of this tree can still be found in Rällsjöbo outside of Bjursås.

This Crack Willow comes from Rällsjöbo. It has returned from its journey and come home to Västerås. It was planted here as a part of the Museum’s work with historical plants and live collections.

The Crack Willow was common in Västerås, Arboga and Köping during the 1700s. Willows were used in allées along roads that led into cities, such as Pilgatan (Willow Street) in Västerås.

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